My Mission Story

I have loved ballet all my life, and I absolutely love teaching it! Over the past 10 years I have taught more and more adult beginners, recognizing that in order for them to learn correctly, they had to be taught completely from scratch.

And therein has lain the dilemma for those wanting to start ballet as an adult.

Until recently, you would have had to join a children’s ballet class if you really wanted to get the right foundations, or else you just stumbled along in the back row of a class of teenagers who had already been learning for several years and just tried to just keep up... That was usually an unsuccessful endeavour because the correct foundations had not been laid first!

So, since 2012, it has been my mission to create a course that teaches adult students the correct precepts of ballet right from scratch – the way they deserved, and in a way that respected them as adults.

I wanted to offer a way of learning in which adults could feel comfortable alongside their peers. I knew it would produce much better results in the long run, and the evidence was there, as my students went on to learn through the Cecchetti system of classical ballet training, with some going onto pointe and even taking exams!

Ballet provides adults with a meaningful and artistic form of exercise that elicits not only all the physical enhancements, but the emotional benefits too. I often get comments from my adult students how ballet has “changed their life”, that it is their “happy space”, their precious “me time” away from the pressures of hectic jobs and the demands of raising children,  and a chance to connect with others their own age who share their love of dance and music.

In 2019, I spent time in Bangalore, India. I taught ballet to orphaned children and I volunteered at a women’s refuge. During this period, I became keenly aware that while it was nice to teach ballet to the kids, it wasn’t what the girls really needed to achieve a successful future.

What was crucial for them was to be able to finish their education, because in India, girls’ education is government supported only up to the age of about 14. After that, if the parents cannot afford to pay school  fees, the girls stay at home and “prepare for marriage” – or, in the case of an orphan, maybe just hope to get a bottom-tier job as a servant or cleaner.

My time talking with these young girls at the orphanage showed me that they, too, had dreams of becoming a teacher, a journalist, a nurse, a social worker... but I knew that for them, sadly, this was not going to be possible because their education would stop too soon. 

It became my desire to find ways to support these girls to complete their education and fulfil their dreams.

So I decided, as my life’s mission, to combine my two passions:to both teach ballet to adults and to support these girls.

By making available my ballet courses online for complete beginners around the world who have always dreamed of learning ballet, I would then be able to pass on some of the proceeds towards helping as many girls as possible in India to complete their education.

I have a strong faith in God and also the inner desire of every person to help someone in need. Helping others “completes” us. No matter whether we are a person of faith or not, it makes us feel good that we have made a positive impact on someone else’s life, and it helps to divert our focus away from our own immediate problems for a time.

I believe that I have an opportunity to make a difference. As a specialised ballet teacher with direct connections to the right NGOs in India, I can help both the needs of ladies around the globe at home, as well as underprivileged girls in India.

It’s the perfect fit for my life’s mission!


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